Who we are

Greetings and warm welcome to the college with best campus life in Kerala!

Sacred Heart (SH) College (Autonomous) Kochi, affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University bears the legacy of 75 years upholding the wholistic tradition of relentless pursuit of excellence in higher education, of the catholic congregation Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (CMI). The College was accredited by the NAAC at the five star level in the year 2000. University Grants Commission (UGC) of India conferred Autonomy on Sacred Heart College in 2014 with its 16 Undergraduate and 16 Postgraduate Programmes and a range of Diploma and Certificate courses.

Popularly known as SH or Thevara college, it aims to fashion an enlightened society and strives to fulfil its mission to facilitate all round development of an individual. It has been at the forefront of community engagement providing educational opportunities to all aspiring youth to progress in life by developing excellence in academics, arts, and sports, fostering a concern for the environment.

SH School of Communication

Established in 2012, SH School of Communication (SHSC) hosts four departments that study different areas in media - Animation, Graphic Design, Journalism, and Cinema and Television, of Sacred Heart Autonomous College, Thevara. SHSC offers Under Graduate and Post Graduate Programmes in Animation, Graphic Design, Communication and Journalism, and Cinema and Television.

This Communication school aims to inculcate innovation, imaginative action and professional responsibility in students while nourishing a personal bond between mentor and mentee. Learning is facilitated through verbal and audio- visual instruction and hands-on training. Creative application of learnt methods through projects help mould an integrated approach to self learning. SHSC reinforces a 360 degree exposure to students by involving them in events related to various media practices as well as extending opportunities to experience work environment at design studios, television channels and media houses through internships, field trips and training. The school has a robust alumni base that offers year round support to extra curricular as well as academic activities.


Moulding of principled media professionals with sterling quality and interminable yearning for veracity.


To inculcate innovation, imaginative action and professional responsibility through verbal and audio visual instruction and hands on training. To set the foundations of academic research that would instil the desire for bringing in changes in the society.

Programme Outcomes


PO 1 Critical Thinking: Take informed actions after identifying the assumptions that frame our thinking and actions, checking out the degree to which these assumptions are accurate and valid, and looking at our ideas and decisions (intellectual, organizational, and personal) from different perspectives.
PO 2 Effective Communication: Speak, read, write and listen clearly in person and through electronic media in English and in one Indian language, and make meaning of the word by connecting people, ideas, books, media and technology.
PO 3 Effective Citizenship: Demonstrate empathetic social concern and equity centred national development, and the ability to act an informed awareness of issues and participate in civic life through volunteering.
PO 4 Environment and Sustainability: Understand the issues of environmental contexts and sustainable development.
PO 5 Ethics: Recognise different value systems including your own, understand the moral dimensions of your decisions, and accept responsibility for them.
PO 6 Global Perspective: Understand the economic, social and ecological connections that link the world's nations and people.


PO 1 Capable of exercising their critical thinking in creating new knowledge leading to innovation, entrepreneurship and employability.
PO 2 Able to effectively communicate the knowledge of their study and research in their respective disciplines to their employers and to the society at large.
PO 3 Able to make choices based on the values upheld by the college, and have the readiness and know-how to preserve environment and work towards sustainable growth and development.
PO 4 Possessing an ethical view of life, and have a broader (global) perspective transcending the provincial outlook.
PO 5 Possessing a passion for exploring new knowledge independently for the development of the nation and the world and are able to engage in a lifelong learning process.
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