M.A. Graphic Design

The programme aims to develop analytical skills and critical judgement enabling the student for technological and aesthetic innovations in the subject of communication design. The graphic design programme begins with the study of design history, theory and traditional design skills, then progresses to current graphic design practices and technology solving real world communication design issues, integrating a command of visual language with imagination, theory and technology.


Graduation in Graphic Design or related fields or Graduation in any field and a Diploma in Design with keen aptitude and interest.


  • Semester I

    History of Art and Design (Theory)
    Elements of Visual Design (Practical)
    Design Studio I (Practical)
    Interaction Design I (Practical)
    Photo Communication (Practical)

  • Semester II

    Media Ethics and Education (Theory)
    Typography (Practical)
    Interaction Design II (Practical)
    Information Design (Practical)
    Design Studio II (Practical)

  • Semester III

    Package Design (Practical)
    Publication Design (Practical)
    Advanced Typography (Practical)
    Programming for Designers (Practical)
    Motion Design (Practical)

  • Semester IV

    Final Thesis Project (Practical)