M.A. Digital Animation

MA Digital Animation gives you the chance to develop a personal practice that understands animation, in multiple forms, address multiple situations and help you develop innovative approaches driven by critical understanding and experimental production. This postgraduate course aims to develop the student's personal philosophies on design with a view to developing a personal area of specialism. This course will enable students with some experience of 3D computer graphics to develop and enhance their abilities in the skills required by the computer animation and visual effects industries. It is one of a suite of digital media program that enable you to study professional digital media practice in a studio environment and work as part of an interdisciplinary team with students from across the full programme.


Graduation in Multimedia or related fields or Graduation in any field and a Diploma in Multimedia
Preference will be given to candidates with the following qualification: Any Degree and a Diploma in Multimedia, Animation, Graphics, Videography, Film Appreciation, Journalism, Communication, Visual Arts, Painting, Theatre, Architecture and Music.


  • Semester I

    History of Animation (Theory)
    2D Design (Practical)
    Film Technique (Practical)
    Concept, Layout & Storyboarding (Practical)
    Traditional Animation (Practical)

  • Semester II

    History of Computer Animation (Theory)
    Object Animation & Pixilation (Practical)
    CG Foundation I (Practical)
    2D Digital Animation (Practical)
    3D Design (Practical)

  • Semester III

    3D Advanced Studies (Practical)
    Compositing (Practical)
    Editing (Practical)
    3D Animation I (Practical)
    Post Production (Practical)

  • Semester IV

    3D Animation Project (Practical)
    Port folio (Practical)
    Research (Practical)
    Internship I