B.A. Animation & Graphic Design

The graphic design and animation programme equips students for a wide range of careers in the industry such as publication design, advertising design, animation, broadcast design, interactive design and illustration. The various elements of the course develop a set of skills that students can apply at a technical level, including design, drawing, critical thinking, creativity, daring, collaboration and a fundamental awareness of theory and history.


A pass in +2 or equivalent examination/ any Degree


  • Semester I

    English (Theory)
    Art and Visual Perception (Theory)
    History of Animation I (Theory)
    Elements of Graphic Design (Practical)
    Drawing for Animation (Practical)

  • Semester II

    History of Animation II (Theory)
    Reproduction Techniques (Practical)
    Raster Graphics for Designers (Practical)
    Vector Graphics for Designers (Practical)
    Animation Studio I (Practical)

  • Semester III

    Art and Society (Theory)
    Scripting & Story boarding for Animation (Practical)
    Design Studio I (Practical)
    Motion Studies (Practical)
    3D Animation I (Practical)

  • Semester IV

    Animation Studio II (Practical)
    Design Studio II (Practical)
    Interaction Design (Practical)
    Typography (Practical)
    3D Animation II (Practical)

  • Semester V

    Animation Studio III (Practical)
    Animation for Web (Practical)
    Editing Principles (Practical)
    Information Design (Practical)
    Motion Graphics (Practical)

  • Semester VI

    Animation Project (Practical)
    Graphic Design Project (Practical)
    Internship I
    Internship II